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christa lei.
21. hawaii homegrown. oakland transplant via chicago.
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The best part of “Fists And Feet And Stuff” isn’t that Jimmy and Gretchen reconcile or Lindsay and Paul’s marriage finally crumbles or that Edgar puts Vernon into a chokehold, it’s that it’s about trying. It’s about accepting that in order to live in this world, you need to give a shit. It’s about realizing that adulthood is a choice that one makes. You’re The Worst has been slowly building to this throughout their debut season. Jimmy and Gretchen have spent their lives running away from adulthood, preferring to stay ensconced in their myopia and narcissism. You know why? Because it’s easy. It’s easy because you have nothing to lose when you don’t care about anything. But Jimmy and Gretchen do care about each other, and it’s scary, but avoiding it doesn’t change the facts.